Performance Marta Lodola - Photo Ilka Theurich (42)
ARISE, long durational performance 6 hours, by Marta Lodola, 20.ZINNOBER Hannover, photo Ilka Theurich, 2017.

Double Nine is the pseudonym of the Italian visual and performance artist Marta Lodola. Through graphic illustration, the artist observes daily life and creates artworks combining the duplicity of things, our real truth.
The use of black and white is a metaphor referring to the opposite poles that are part of our existence: day and night, light and darkness, strength and weakness, positive and negative. Both aspects inhabit our inner self and they are also present in our surroundings.
On a physical level, white represents the total reflection of light and black the total absorption of colours. Black and white are the maximum and the minimum reaction to the light, we are able to see all the other colours from reactions that oscillate between these two opposite poles of our eyesight.
In Double Nine’s works the most conscious aspect of reality is mixed with the images created by the “black lake”, the subconscious. The archetypes present in it are unitary images, unearthly symbols that we can all remember because we all “have them inside” in some way. Double Nine intends to dive deep into that lake. Are you ready to follow her?
Double Nine collaborated with EMPREMTA | International Performance Art Festival (Barcelona), Rotary Club and Mountain Community of Vercelli, Festival delle due Rocche|Theater Festival with Dacia Maraini, Grundfrequenz (Berlin), Kunst Kabinet (Berlin) and Famme Fraktale (Berlin).

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